The Mad Hungarian Al Hrabosky to The Junkman, Eddie Lopat

Here are some memorable nicknames of Major League players.

Al Hrabosky – “The Mad Hungarian”

Mike Hargrove – “The Human Rain Delay” (He took so long before stepping into the batter’s box before each pitch)

Brooks Robinson – “The Human Vacuum Cleaner” (He fielded so many difficult ground balls)

Jimmy Wynn – “The Toy Cannon” (The Astro outfielder was only 5’9″, but he had a great deal of power)

Carl Furillo – “The Reading Rifle” ( The Brooklyn Dodger right fielder had a very strong arm)

George Selkirk – “Twinkletoes” (He ran on the front of his feet)

Eddie Lopat – “The Junkman” (He had quite an assortmant of pitches)

Then there were;  John “The Count” Montefusco, “Rawmeat” Bill Rodgers, Tony “Poosh ‘Em Up” Lazzeri, “Oil Can” Boyd, Ewell “The whip” Blackwell, and Jim “Catfish” Hunter.


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