The Mick to the Magicman

Who is my teammate?  Answers below

1.” I’m the Mick, and I couldn’t keep up with this buddy of mine in the HR department in 1961.”

2.” I’m the Babe, and this teammate of mine was much more durable.  He played in game after game.”

3.” I’m big Lew, and this great player came from Cincinnati to Milwaukee and became my teammate.  We led the Bucks to an NBA title.”

4.” My name is Johnny, and my favorite receiver in Baltimore was a guy who had poor vision and was not all that fast.  Who was he?”

5.” My name is Hank, and I played for the Yankees.  This teammte of mine was quite a character and is often quoted.  He was a great a bad-ball hitter.”

6. “I hit 755 career homeruns, but this teammate, who played third base, was no slouch when it came to hitting 4-baggers.

7. “They called me KC, and when I played for the Celts I wasn’t a bad defensive guard.  This teammate was our catalyst off the bench.  I would call him the greatest sixth man in the history of the NBA.”

8.” My name is Pete, and I played for the Big Red Machine.  We had a catcher who was oh so good.  Who was he?”

9. “I’m Dan, and I played for the Miami Dolphins. My teammate, who was a punishing running back, was out of Syracuse University.”

10. “I’m Magic, and one of my teammates on our great L.A. teams of the 1980s did the coop-a-loop.  Who was he?”




answers – Roger Maris 2. Lou Gehrig 3. Oscar Robertson 4. Raymond Berry 5. Yogi Berra 6. Eddie Mathews 7. John Havlicek 8. Johnny Bench 9. Larry Csonka 10. Michael Cooper 


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