The Mohawk Club’s Johnny Maurycy & Bobo the Gorilla

Bobo the Gorilla was making his owner very wealthy.  They were traveling around from golf course to golf course in the Capital Region and challenging the pros to a round of golf.  The pros always seemed to accept the bet, thinking that they could easily beat the primate.  That was until Bobo hit a drive 450 yards.  Then the pros would throw in the towel, pay off their bet and head for the 19th hole.  One day, Johnny Maurycy, the head pro at the Mohawk Club in Niskayuna, and one of the top players in the area, conceded the bet after the gorilla drove the ball 460 yards to the green.  “Just out of curiosity,” Maurycy asked as he pulled out his cash, “how does Bobo putt?”  “The same as he drives,” said the primate’s owner.  “460 yards.”

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