The Niagara Baton Twirler to the Syracuse Lacrosse Star

Answers below

1.  He was a super basketball player for Niagara, and he twirled the baton at halftime of the Purple Eagles’ home football games.

2. This Philadelphia third baseman hit four homeruns in one game in 1976.

3. Ted Williams batted over .400 in what year?  a. 1941 b. 1942 c. 1944

4. Who ran a blistering mile of 3:51.3 in 1966 to set a world record?

5. Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner in 1935?

6. Who pilfered 104 bases for the Los  Angeles Dodgers in 1962 to break Ty Cobb’s record?

7. Which jockey broke Johnny Longden’s mark for most career wins in 1970?

8. Which jockey rode Whirlaway to a Kentucky Derby win>

9. Who set a record for scorless innings pitched in World Series play in 1961?

10. Which great NFL running back was a lacrosse star at Syracuse?




answers – 1. Calvin Murphy 2. Mike Schmidt 3. a 4. Jim Ryun 5. Jay Berwanger 6. Maury Wills 7. Wikkie Shoemaker 8. Eddie Arcaro 9. Whitey Ford 10. Jim Brown


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