The Phog, A Journeyman, & A Great D.C. Coach

Basketball Hall of Famers – Answers Below

1. They called this college basketball coach “Phog”.

2. This coach named Larry is quite a journeyman.  The Pacers and Knicks were two of his teams.

3. This Fred coached the great Ohio State teams of the early 1960s.

4. Who was the great D.C. high school coach named Morgan?

5. He coached Long Island University to undefeated seasons in 1936 and 1939. 

6. Not Sam, but the other great Celtic with the same last name.

7. This Jack of Royals fame has a last name that begins with T.

8. He coached the Lakers to a record win streak.

9. Easy Ed

10. 76ers guard name Hal.




answers – 1. Forrest Allen 2. Larry Brown 3. Fred Taylor 4. Morgan Wootten 5. Clair Bee 6. K.C. Jones 7. Jack Twyman 8. Bill Sharman 9. Ed Macauley  10. Hal Greer


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