The Red Sox & The Cardinals

What is the last name of the following players/manager on the 2013 Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals teams?  Answers Below

1. He plays rightfield for the Cardinals.

2. Who is the Boston Red Sox second baseman?

3. Who is the starting shortstop for the Red Sox?

4. This Cardinals shortstop, whose last name begins with K, bats ninth.

5. This St. Louis centerfielder has the same last name as the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

6. Often used a the Red Sox DH, this slugger usually bats fourth in the order.

7. This Boston first-sacker’s heritage might go back to a province in Italy other than Naples.

8. This Boston lead-off hitter plays centerfield.

9. Who is the Red Sox manager?

10. This Boston pitcher won the first game of the series.




Answers – 1. Beltran 2. Pedroia 3. Drew 4. Kozma 5. Jay 6. Ortiz 7. Napoli 8. Ellsbury 9. Farrell 10. Lester

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