The Red Sox, The Celtics, The Crusaders, & More

All About Sports in Massachusetts – Answers Below

1. This Bostin Bruin was the NHL MVP in 1969 and 1976.

2. These Eagles had the Hail Mary Passer.

3. This school, nicknamed the Crusaders, is located in Worcester.

4. This former Boston Celtic was known as the “Chief”.

5. This Gene pitched for the Red Sox, and he also played basketball for the Celtics.

6. Calipari and Marcus led this school deep into the NCAA tourney.

7. Rick Pitino and Mike Jarvis coached this Massachusetts University.

8. They called this Red Sox pitcher “Oil Can”.

9. Where did the great Celtic, John Havlicek, play his college ball?

10. The Celtics were pretty solid with this “Doc” at the helm.




answers – 1. Phil Esposito 2. Boston College 3. Holy Cross 4. Robert Parrish 5. Gene Conley 6. UMass 7. Boston University 8. Dennis Boyd 9. Ohio State 10. Doc Rivers

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