The Runts, Marquette & Alvin

Answers below

1. He loved to dish it off to Karl Malone in Utah.

2. These “Runts” lost to Texas El-Paso in the NCAA final in 1967.

3. Who coached Marquette to the NCAA title in 1977?

4. This former Cardinal won 7 batting crowns.

5. What was Tony Conigliaro’s brother’s first name. He too played for the Red Sox.

6. This Curt played centerfield for the Cardinals in 1968.

7. Who was the Alvin who played shortstop  for the Giants in ’54?

8. This Larry played centerfield for the Indians in the mid 1950s.

9. At the age of 15, this Joe became the youngest player in major league history, when he pitched part of an inning for Cincinnati in 1944.

10. What year was the designated hitter rule adopted by the American League?  a. 1968 b. 1971 c. 1973




answers – 1. John Stockton 2. Kentucky 3. Al McGuire 4. Stan Musial 5. Billy 6. Flood 7. Alvin Dark 8.Larry Doby 9. Joe Nuxhall 10. c

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