The Syracuse Nationals to the Rugged Southpaw

Answers below

1. He played for the Syracuse Nationals, and in 1960 became the first player to score 15,000 points.

2. He played his college ball at Holy Cross and spent 13 years of his pro career with the Boston Celtics.

3. Former Boston Celtics redhead with the southpaw jumphook.

4. They called this great NBA player “The Pearl”.

5. What is the Nickname of Iowa State?

6. What is the nickname of Purdue?

7. What is the nickname of the University of Wyoming?

8.  Which professional athlete was known as  Charlie Hustle?

9. Who was Dr K?

10. He played basketball for the 76ers, then coached in the NBA.  He was a rugged southpaw -shooting forward.




answers – 1. Dolph Schayes 2. Bob Cousy 3. Dave Cowens 4. Earl Monroe 5. Cyclones 6. Boilermakers 7. Cowboys 8. Pete Rose 9. Dwight Gooden 10. Billy Cinningham

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