The Three-Pointer vs. The Deuce

Really now, is it fair to compare the big point producers of today with those of decades ago?  Certainly not.  In the1950s and 1960s, if a player scored 30 points, it was a big game.  Today, a 30-point output is just another night on the hardwoods.  40-plus is more the benchmark for a big night.  Many deadeye shooters of decades past scored a number of their points from out deep.  Today, those shots would be worth 3 points in the scorebook.  Remember, for every 6 three-pointers made, you must hit 9 twos.   So really, is it fair to list today’s players along with the players of yesteryear when it comes to ranking  Section II’s career scoring leaders.  No, there should be a seperate list.  I’m not trying to take anything away from Argyle’s Joey Lufkin, who is a prolific scorer and has moved into eighth place on the all-time Section II career scoring list.  His list, however, should have an asterisk next to it because it should include only those players who came along after the three-point shot became part of the game.  The other list should include players from the pre three-point era.

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