The Top Stories of the 1980s

How much do you know about the top sports stories of the 1980s?  Answers below

1. Who became the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion at age 21?

2. Who sprinted her way to three gold medals in the 1988 Summer Olympics?

3. Who became the all-time leading scorer in National Hockey League history?

4. Like the U.S. did in 1980, the Soviet Union in 1984 did what?  a. Hosted the Summer Olympics b. Boycotted the Summer Olympics c. Cancelled the Winter Olympics

5. Three top NBA superstars of the decade were Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and this Boston Celtic great.

6. During the 1980s, pro athletes struck (refused to work) in which sports and when?  a. football (1982 and 1987) & baseball (1981)  b. football (1982) & baseball (1981) c. women’s basketball (1987) & women’s tennis (1984)

7. Which 1988 Olympic athlete was stripped of a gold medal because of steroid use?

8. The tragic deaths of Len Bias (basketball), Don Rogers (football), and Pete Lindbergh (hockey) were related to a. drug abuse b. sports injuries c. motor cycle accidents

9. At the 1980 Winter Olympics, the “Miracle on Ice” was the U.S beating whom and in which event?

10. Which former player’s alleged gambling got him banned from baseball for life?




1. Mike Tyson 2. Florence Griffith-Joiner 3. Wayne Gretzky 4. b 5. Larry Bird 6. a 7. Ben Johnson 8. a 9. The Soviet Union in hockey 10. Pete Rose

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