The West Coast

Answers Below

1. These Bruins dominated college basketball under Wooden.

2. They called this L.A. Laker “Zeke”.

3. This Weeb Ewbank recruit finished his career with the Rams.

4. Bill Russell played his college basketball for this school.

5. This USC 2-sport great was a slugger with the Red Sox and the American League MVP in 1958.

6. Jackie Robinson was a 4-sport athlete at this California university.

7. Jimmer Fredette plays for this NBA team.

8. Lance Alworth played football for them.

9. Owner of the Lakers during the “Showtime” 1980s.

10. This former Laker with the head-bob scored 71 points against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden in 1960.




Answers – 1. UCLA 2. Jerry West 3. Joe Namath 4. San Francisco 5. Jackie Jensen 6. UCLA 7. Sacramento 8. San Diego 9. Jerry Buss 10. Elgin Baylor

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