The World of Baseball

Answers below

1. Who won the first World Series in 1903?

2. Who was the Philly who won the National league homerun title in 1980 and 1981?

3. Who was the big New York Met who won the HR title in 1982?

4. Who was the Cincinnati Reds star who won the RBI title in 1976, 1977, and 1978?

5. Which Detroit Tiger player led the AL in RBIs in 1990 and 1991?

6. Which St. Louis star of the 1920s led the National League in batting six straight years?

7. Who was the Boston Red Sox Second baseman who won the AL batting title in 1960?

8. Who was the Pittsburgh shortstop who was named the NL MVP in 1960?  He also was a basketball sensation in college.

9. Which Yankee was the AL MVP in ’54 and ’55?

10. Which Boston Red Sox player was the World Series MVP in 2004?




answers – 1. Boston Red Sox 2. Mike Schmidt 3. Dave Kingman 4. George Foster 5. Cecil Fielder 6. Rogers Hornsby 7. Pete Runnels 8. Dick Groat (He was a basketball star at Duke) 9. Yogi Berra 10. Manny Ramirez

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