The World Series

Answers below

1. This team, with Say hey and his mates, swept Cleveland in ’54.

2. Who swept the Yankees in 1963?

3. The Dodgers were swept by these birds in ’66.

4. This machine eliminated the Bronx Bombers in 4-straight in ’76.

5. This west coast team demolished the San Francisco Giants, taking 4-straight in 1989.

6. The next year, the tide turned, and this  team lost to whom in 4-straight?

7. Joe Torre led the Yanks to 4 wins in a row over whom in 1988.

8. Who won the Series in 4-straight in ’99?

9. This east coast team, finally, after a long drought, beat the Cardinals in 2004.

10. The Lake Michigan winds might have helped this midwest team sweep the Astros in four-straight in 2005.




answers – 1. Giants 2. L.A. Dodgers 3. Baltimore 4. Cincinnati 5. Oakland 6. Reds 7. Padres8. Yankees 9. Red Sox 10. White Sox



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