The Yellowfin, Channel, & Sockeye

Do you know your fish?  Answers Below

1. There is a rock type of this species of fish.

2. Yellowfin is one variety of this species.

3. There is a Spanish variety of this saltwater fish.

4. A Thresher.

5. Channel is a variety of this freshwater fish.

6. Sockeye is one variety .

7. Alligator, Florida, and Spotted are three varieties of this freshwater fish whose name is 3 letters long.

8. Chain is one variety of this toothy fish.

9. A great fighter, this saltwater fish has a color (4 letters long) in its name.

10. This fish has 2 p’s in its name and is sometimes called a Strawberry Bass.




answers – 1. Bass 2. Tuna 3. Mackerel 4. Shark 5. Catfish 6. Salmon 7. Gar 8. Pickerel 9. Bluefish 10. Crappie


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