Tony Dorsett, The Boston Celtics & Earl Weaver

Answers Below

1. For which college did Tony Dorsett play football?

2. Who coached the Boston Celtics in the early ’60s

3. Which baseball team did Earl Weaver manage?

4. Which NFL team did Bud Grant coach?

5. Which NFL team did Allie Sherman coach?

6. To which conference does St. John’s University belong?

7. To which conference does the University of North Carolina belong?

8. Who beat Kenny Norton in a decision for the heavyweight boxing title in 1978?

9. Which heavyweight fighter was called “Two Ton”?

10. What is the nickname of Manhattan College?



Answers – 1. Pittsburgh 2. Red Auerbach 3. Baltimore Orioles 4. Minnesota Vikings 5. New York Giants 6. Big East 7. Atlantic Coast 8. Larry Holmes 9. Tony Galento 10. The Jaspers 



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