Tripoli Gambles with Sinatra

Schenectady fighter, Billy Tripoli, had two ambitions in the 1940s, boxing and acting.  He headed for California, where he did a little of each.  He took drama lessons in Los Angeles with an eye on roles in boxing movies.  After getting roles in a couple of small theater plays, Tripoli realized that his career was not going anywhere without an education.  He went to college and became a teacher in Burbank, California.  Tripoli once told an interesting story about his trip west.  Along the way, he decided to break up the long ride with a stop in Las Vegas.  When he entered the casino, Frank Sinatra was giving the table a play.  What was good for old blue eyes was good for tripoli.  Tripoli proceeded to blow his wad of bills, and he began his California life without a buck in his pocket.

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