Two, Three & Four-Sport Stars

Who are they?  Answers below

1. He was the Carlisle Indian who played pro baseball and football.

2. He was the “Papa” who coached the Chicago Bears and played major league baseball for one year.  He preceded Babe Ruth in right field for the Yankees.

3. This 2-sport ace had a $25,000 contract with the Detroit Pistons, and a $70,000 signing bonus with White Sox.  He later played for the Knicks’ 1970 championship team.

4. This Gene pitched for the Red Sox in the summer and played for the Celtics in the winter.

5. He was a slugger with Red Sox, and the AL MVP in 1958.  He also was an All-American football player at USC.  He played in a World Series and the Rose Bowl.

6. This power-hitter belted two pinch-hit HRs for the Dodgers in the 1959 World Series.  He was the only man to play in a Rose Bowl game and blast a homerun in a World Series game.

7. A super athlete, this star participated in  football, basketball, baseball, and track ay UCLA.

8. This major league star named Dave played football, baseball, and basketball for the University of Minnesota. 




answers – 1. Jim Thorpe 2. George Halas 3. Dave DeBusschere 4. Gene Conley 5. Jackie Jensen 6. Chuck Essegian 7. Jackie Robinson 8. Dave Winfield

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