UCLA, The Battle of the Sexes, & The ’54 World Series

Answers below

1. Who wore number 4 for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1952?

2. Who sprinted her way to 3 gold medals in the 1988 summer Olympics?

3. Pelle Lindbergh played which sport?

4. Who did Billy Jean King beat in the Battle of the Sexes?

5. Which Walt led UCLA over Michigan to win the NCAA title in 1965?

6. Which former Cincinnati great led the Muilwaukee Bucks to the NBA title in 1971?

7. Who won the 1954 World Series?

8. Where did President Gerald Ford play college football?

9. Which horse was Willie Shoemaker riding when he misjudged the finish line in the Kentucky Derby?

10. Which horse won that Derby?  a. Whirlaway b. Carry Back c. Iron Liege




answers – 1. Jackie Robinson 2. Florence Griffith Joyner 3. Hockey 4. Bobby Riggs 5. Walt Hazzard 6. Oscar Robertson 7. New York Giants 8. Michigan 9. Gallant Man 10. c


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