Unique Records

Answers below

1. This Chicago Cub set a record for a second baseman, handling 480 chances in a row without making an error.

2. Who was the Baltimore Oriole shortstop who set a record playing in 73 consecutive games without making an error?

3. This western university beat Duke 103-73 for the biggest margin of victory in an NCAA championship game.

4. This NBA team, who once had the chief, scored 157 points to set an NBA playoff record.

5. This Red Sox slugger  hit his 328th homerun for a record for catchers.

6. Who was the first major league player to bat .300, hit 30 homeruns, drive in 100 runs, and pilfer 50 bases?




answers – 1. Ryne Sandberg 2. Cal Ripken 3. UNLV 4. Boston Celtics 5. Carlton Fisk 6. Barry Bonds


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