USC’s Charles, Brigham Young’s Ty & Notre Dame’s Angelo

College football legends – Answers below

1. Wisconsin’s Ron, he won the Heisman in 1999.

2. This Charles starred for USC at running back and won the Heisman in 1979.

3. This Ty threw for over 15,000 yards when he played for Brigham Young from 1988-1991.

4. Oregon State’s southpaw quarterback named Terry, he won the Heisman in 1962.

5. They talk a lot about Paul Hornung, but Johnny L could really motor for Notre Dame in 1953.

6. This Angelo was one of a long line of gifted quarterbacks at Notre Dame.  He played in the early 1940’s.

7. This Pete came after Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside at Army.  He played in 1958.

8. Carson of USC, he quarterbacked the Trojans in 2002.

9. We’ve heard a lot about Testaverde, but this Gino was no slouch at quarterback for Miami in 1992.

10. This Matt followed Carson at USC, and he too won the Heisman (2004).




answers – 1. Ron Dayne 2. Charles White 3. Ty Detmer 4. Terry Baker 5. Johnny Lattner 6. Angelo Bertelli 7. Pete Dawkins 8. Carson Palmer 9. Gino Torretta 10. Matt Leinhart

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