Wayne Gretzky to Cal Ripken Number Game

99 – Wayne Gretzky’s number

97 – Number of pitches thrown by Don Larsen when he pitched a perfect game.

1983 – The year North Carolina State upset Houston for the NCAA Championship.

33 – Los Angeles Laker win streak under coach Bill Sharman in the 1970s.

31 – Number of lengths by which Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes.

22 – The number of touchdown pass receptions by Jerry Rice in one season.

18 – Number of homeruns Mickey Mantle hit in World Series competition.

7 – Number of no-hitters pitched by Nolan Ryan.

6 – Number of NBA MVP Awards won by Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

4 – Horsemen of Notre Dame.

95 – Number of games played by Cal Ripken without making an error.


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