Which Major League Team is It?

Answers below

1. The Green Monster

2. Joe Torre managed them after his stint with the New York Yankees.

3. Stan the Man was their top guy.

4. They were once in Milwaukee.

5. Ernie Banks was their shortstop in the late 1950s.

6. Alex Rodriguez was their shortstop before he went to the Yankees.

7. Two of their stars were Minnie Minoso and Louis Aparicio.

8. Robin Roberts once pitched for them.

9. Gil Hodges was once their manager.

10. Sparky Anderson managed this machine.




answerds – 1. Re Sox  2. Dodgers 3. Cardinals 4. Braves 5. Cubs 6. Rangers 7. White Sox 8. Phillies 9. Mets 10. Reds


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