Whizzer, Gene & The Terrific One

Answers below

1. They called him ‘Whizzer”, and he led the NCAA in scoring and rushing at Colorado, and he played in the NFL.  Later, he became a Supreme Court Justice.

2. Who was the World Heavyweight Champ from 1926-1928.

3. He won 311 major league games, and the Cy Young Award 3 times.

4. He played quarterback for the L.A. Rams and passed for a game record 554 yards in 1951.  He was the NFL MVP in 1960.

5. Who is the female golfer who became the youngest to ever qualify for an LPGA event.  She turned pro at 15.

6. First man in open era to win 7 Wimbledons.  He has 14 career grand slams.

7. He scored a record 44.2 points per game during his college basketball career.

8. He won gold medals in the decathlon in 1948 and 1952 Olympics.

9. He hit a record 70 homeruns in 1998.

10. French skier who won 3 Olympic golds in 1968.




answers – 1. Byron “Whizzer” White 2. Gene Tunney 3. Tom Seaver 4. Norm VanBrocklin 5. Michelle Wie 6. Pete Sampras 7. Pete Maravich 8. Bob Mathias 9. Mark McGuire 10. Jean Claude Killy



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