Who Are These Athletes of 2012?

Answers below

1. The 2012 World Series MVP.

2. The New York Yankee second baseman.

3. The  Philadelphia Eagle quarterback.

4. The Denver Bronco QB.

5. He played basketball for Syracuse and now for the Knicks.

6. Dophin running back who gave back the Heisman Trophy.

7. The number 1 ranked tennis player.

8. Knick guard of last year who was  traded to Houston.

 9. The Oklahoma City basketball star.

10. New York Giant pass receiver who set franchise record with 1,536 receiving yards last season.




answers – 1. Pablo Sandoval 2. Robinson Cano 3. Michael Vick 4. Peyton Manning 5. Carmelo Anthony 6. Reggie Bush 7. Novak Djokovic 8. Jeremy Lin 9. Kevin Durant 10. Victor Cruz

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