Who Are These Basketball Greats?

Answers below

1. This Rio Grande sharpshooter scored 113 points in one season.

2. This Furman College great lit it up for 100 points in one game.

3. St. Louis Hawk star who scored 50 points in the final game of the NBA championship in 1958.

4. He followed Lew Alcindor at center for UCLA.

5. He scored 71 points in one game for L.A. Lakers. He had the head bob.

6. Sweet-shooting guard who led Cincinnati over Ohio State for the NCAA title in 1962.

7. Princeton all-everything who later played for the Knicks.

8. Duke 3-time All-American in the early 1960s from Rockville Center, New York.

9. Southpaw guard who played for UCLA, then teamed with Jerry West in L.A.

10. UMass super-star who left school early to join the Virginia Squires.




answers – 1. Bevo Francis 2. Frank Selvy 3. Bob Pettit 4. Bill Walton 5. Elgin Baylor 6. Ron Bonham 7. Bill Bradley 8. Art Heyman 9. Gale Goodrich 10. Julius Erving

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