Who Are These NFL Running Backs of 2012?

Answers below

1. LeSean McCoy plays for which NFL team?

2. The star running back of the HoustonTexans

3. Ray Rice plays for whom?

4. Adrian Peterson plays for whom?

5. Who is the Cleveland Brown back who rushed for close to 500 yards in his first 8 games?

6. Who is the Miami Dolphins’ leading rusher?

7. Who is  the Chicago Bears’ leading rusher?

8. Who is Tampa Bay’s top running back?

9. Who is the New York Giant running back with the initials A B?

10. Who is the Oakland Raider running back with the initials D M?




answers – 1. Philadelphia 2. Arian Foster 3. Baltimore 4. Minnesota 5. Trent Richardson 6. Reggie Bush 7. Matt Forte 8. Doug Martin 9. Ahmad Bradshaw 10. Darren McFadden

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