Who Are They?

Answers below

1. NFL coach who quit the Redskins to coach the L.A. Rams.

2. Who was the sports announcer who said “how about that.”

3. Who beat Archie Moore to take the vacant heavyweight title?

4. Who was the Knicks guard from Southern Illinois who helped lead them to the NBA title in 1970?

5. His initials are H.K., and he played shortstop for the Detroit Tigers in the 1950s.

6. New York Yankee right fielder who played with Ellie Howard, Yogi Berra and company.  His initials are H.B.

7. Who ran the first indoor 4-minute mile in 1962?

8. ESPN announcer who says He…could…go…all…the…way.

9. Who write the tell all baseball classic Ball Four.

10. This former Cowboy quarterback teamed with Cosell and Gifford on Monday Night Football.




answers – 1. George Allen 2. Mel Allen 3. Floyd Patterson 4. Walt Frazier 5. Harvey Kuenn 6. Hank Bauer 7. Jim Beatty 8. Chris Berman 9. Jim Bouton 10. Don Meredith

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