Why Was the New York Giants’ David Wilson Lying Dormant for so Long?

Schenectady County and the rest of the Capital Region has always had an abundance of New York Giant football fans.  Very knowledgeable pigskin fans to say the least.  For a long period of time this past fall, they were wondering about the Giants’ first round draft pick, David Wilson, and if he would ever make an impact.  Wilson, arguably  the best athlete on the team, finally exploded   in game number 13 against the New Orleans Saints.  In that 57-27 Giant win, Wilson ran the football from scrimmage 13 times for 100 yards for an average of 7.7 yards per carry and 2 touchdowns.  His longest jaunt was 52 yards.  Wilson also turned on the after burners for 227 yards on 4 punt returns for an average of 56.8 yards.  His longest return was 97 yards for another score.  Previous to game 13, Wilson’s best performance came against Cleveland in game 5.  In that game, he rushed for 44 yards on 2 carries, and one of those runs was for 40 yards.  He also returned 4 punts for 54 yards and scored one touchdown in that game.  Following his magnificent performance in game 13, Wilson carried the pigskin 12 times for 55 yards in game 14 against the Atlanta Falcons and did not score a TD.  He also returned 3 punts for 66 yards.  Now we will see what the speedster has in store for us the 2013 football season.

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