Willie Mays is the Greatest Centerfielder of All-Time

I give Willie Mays a slight edge over Joe DiMaggio as the greatest centerfielder ever to play the game.  Mays has 660 career homeruns which places him high up on the all-time homerun list, and he hit four homruns in one game in 1961.  Mays’ best homerun season came in 1965 when he rifled 52 out of the park.  His career batting average is a little over .300, and he had 3,283 career hits which places him in the top-ten in that caregory. He also was the first player to hit 300 homeruns and steal 300 bases.  Defensively, he once set a record for number of putouts.  To me, Joltin’ Joe is just slightly behind Mays and the second greatest.  One year he hit .381, he was on 9 World Series championship teams, and he had a 56-game hitting streak.  DiMaggio was a very graceful outfielder.

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