Willie Mays “The Say Hey Kid”

Growing up in the Capital Region in the 1950s, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle were the two most talked-about baseball players in the major leagues.  Some of my buddies favored Mantle while others went with Mays.  I loved Mickey Mantle, but I would say that Mays was the better of the two.  The following pretty much sums up Mays’ career:

# He played with the Giants in New York and San Francisco from 1951 to 1972

# Finished his careeer with the Mets in 1973

# 660 career homeruns puts him third on the all-time list

# 3,283 career hits ranks among the top-10

# .302 career batting average

# First player to hit 300 homeruns and steal 300 bases

# Rookie of the Year in 1951

# Most Valuable player in 1954 and 1965

# Set a defensive record for putouts

# Best homerun year was 1965, when he hit 52

# Hit four homeruns in one game on April 30, 1961

# Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1979.

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