Worthy & Perkins, Bill Cosby, & The Gamecocks

Answers Below

1. Worthy and Perkins played there.

2. Not just Joe, but the “Snake” also quarterbacked them.

3. The Horned Frogs.

4. Bill Cosby was one of this school’s Owls.

5. Bellino ran through and around this school’s opponents.

6. The Gamecocks.

7. Remember when Howard Komives lit-it-up for this school.

8. The Jimmer was once a hoop star there.

9. This University located in Storrs has had some very successful basketball teams.

10. Hopalong (no, not the cowboy) and Felix (Doc) played big roles in this school’s football success.




Answers – 1. North Carolina 2. Alabama 3. TCU 4. Temple 5. Navy 6. South Carolina 7. Bowling Green 8. BYU 9. UConn 10. Ohio State


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