Wrong Foot Louie, Yannick Noah, Jim Brown, & Others

Which sport is it?  Answers Below

1. “Wrong Foot Louie” 

2. The Pasadena Parade.

3. The Nationals in Syracuse.

4.Charlie Finley, the maverick owner.  

5. Yannick Noah played this sport.

6. Payne of this sport died in a plane crash.

7. Mia and Tony were two of this sports all-time greats.

8. Wilt of basketball fame also starred in this sport.

9. Jim Brown was a football phenom, and he also excelled at this sport at Syracuse.

10. The box and one is sometimes used defensively in this sport.




answers – 1. Bowling 2. Football 3. Basketball 4. Baseball 5. Tennis 6. Golf 7. Soccer 8. Volleyball 9. Lacrosse 10. Basketball



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