Yale & Notre Dame Football Coaches & A Brooklyn Dodgers Manager

Who is the coach or manager?  Answers below

1. He has the best all-time post-season pro football coaching record.

2. Coach and owner who led the Cleveland Browns to 3 NFL championships.

3. Yale football coach who established many rules for modern football.

4. He won 3 NL pennants as manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers (1) and New York Giants (2).

5. Founder and coach of the Chicago Bears.  He won 5 NFL championships.

6. Philadelphia Athletics manager who won a pennant and 5 championships.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers coach who won 4 Super Bowls.

8. Notre Dame football coach who revolutionized the game by stressing the forward pass.

9. Winningest coach in NBA history through 2005.

10. He coached USC to football championships in 2003 and 2004.  His initials are P.C.




answers – 1. Bill Belichick 2. Paul Brown 3. Walter Camp 4. Leo Durocher 5. George Halas 6. Connie Mack 7. Chuck Noll 8. Knute Rockne 9. Lenny Wilkins 10. Pete Carroll


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