Zeke from Cabin Creek, The Galloping Ghost & The Rumble in the Jungle

Who is the athlete or coach?  Answers below

1. Who was the Oklahoma football coach when the Sooners won 47-straight games?

2.  He broke the indoor 4-minute mile in 1962.

3. Who was the New York Yankee 2nd baseman in 1953?

4. Who was known as “Zeke From Cabin Creek?”

5. Who did Ali fight in the Rumble in the Jungle?

6. Who was the Billy who won the Heisman Award playing for LSU in the 1950s?

7. Who was the L.A. Lakers great who had the head bob and played his college ball at Seattle University?

8. They called him the Doctor of Dunk when he played for Denny Crum at Louisville in the 80s.

9. Who won both the decathlon and pentathlon in less than a week at the Olympic games in 1912?

10. Who was the great Illinois football player who was called the Galloping Ghost?




answers – 1. Bud Wilkinson 2. Jim Beatty 3. Billy Martin 4. Jerry West 5. George Foreman 6. Billy Cannon 7. Elgin Baylor 8. Darrell Griffith 9. Jim Thorpe 10. Harold “Red” Grange



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